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edit: i f orgot to add hER WINgs //spits


Im going to clean my blog soon (not completely….maybee) so I would appreciate that those people who have commissioned me and I only posted their commission exclusively here to save them if they havent already!! This is why I prefer sending commissions via email more than posting them here.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!! o+<

Ghhh school takes all my time and energy to doodle ;; I can’t wait for the next vacation period hhhh


second best 2hu


best 2hu



half year have passed and I haven’t improved a single bit

5/7/2014: CLOSED until future notice!! Those who saved a spot or sent me a message before today can still get them though!

✌(◔_◔ ) Hi guys!! Once more my commission slots are empty, but this time instead of making separated commissions I decided to make little packs! These prices are really low compared to what each commission would cost alone (fullbody commissions are $50 originally i.e.)

If you’re interested, please send me an email to lolipancake★ (★→@) with the number of the pack you’re interested in! The full images of the sample pictures are available in my blog if you want to see them. Please read this before commissioning me!! Also since these aren’t single pictures they make take up a while to finish and deliver, so if you’re interested I hope you’re a patient person. Thanks!

Mao from the commish post. They’re closed now, thanks!

Wife and thing

I want to open fullbody doodle commissions… ´_>`


i’m going to open doodle commissions again tomorrow!! ´_>`goodnight/